Santa Fe Community Farm

The Santa Fe Community Farm in Old Agua Fria Village

   Jan 07


   Welcome to the Santa Fe Community Farm

Community Farm

Spring has sprung at the Community Farm!

Thank You to all those who have helped us to continue our mission. We look forward to another successful year!   We are excited to welcome aboard our new Executive Director Roy Stephenson, son of our fearless owner, Mr. John Stephenson who will turn the ripe age of 100 this year! We have some very exciting plans in the works, and invite you to stay tuned for the celebration of a lifetime coming soon!

We also are planning a new Saturday program headed up by our leader Roy Stephenson, called Mostly Men’s Day!

On Saturdays we invite any strong, hardworking individuals (men or women)who would like to contribute their time and talents to the Farm. We plan to get out the heavy equipment, dig out the compost pits, and begin hauling and cleaning some of the large debris from around the Farm.

  10 am to whenever, we will be working together on:
  • Pruning–hauling, firewood stacking, small stock chipping;
  • Plowing–spreading manure, discing it in;
  • Sowing–cover crop, dragging to cover, setting up sprinklers;
  • Composting–spread on middle two fields, disc in;
  • Watering–setting up drip, maintaining systems;
  • Welding–repairs and construction.

As time allows or as need arises, maintain and repair machinery.

Although the early frost prevented our fruit trees from producing last year, we believe that this year the orchard will rebound abundantly. Some of our focus will also shift to vermiculture, compost operation, soil rebuilding, experimental and native plants, and pasture. As always, we want to increase our educational offerings and community relations, while providing the best organic produce to help feed the needy in our community.

If it takes a village to raise a child,  it takes a community to build a farm. To all of you who have contributed time, energy and finances, our heartfelt gratitude. We could not do it with out you!

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Eating locally is one of life’s greatest pleasures.
The Community Farm makes this possible for all economic groups.

Once again, a BIG Thank You to each and everyone one of our friends for your continued physical and financial support!  

Here’s to a successful 2014 season!

Your support is vital to our mission to help the less fortunate.

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